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2342 θηρίον therion A wild Beast. Ambiguity surrounds John’s meaning of “Beast” in Revelation 13:1-18 because sometimes BEAST is a Kingdom, other times BEAST is an individual King. Revelation 13:1 alludes to Daniel 7:2-3 “I stood on the sand of the sea” because it clarifies, “Beast” is equivocal and one must discern from the details precisely who or what BEAST is meant. Daniel’s interpretive key is that “Beast” can refer to a Kingdoms or its King (Dan. 7:17, 23). That clears up the ambiguity, the Beast in Rev. c. 13 can be either the Beast King or his kingdom, careful attention to details reveals which is in view. Ancient Babylon is the slain king[dom] head that is healed when the city of Babylon the eighth king [dom] (Rev. 17:10-11) is rebuilt in the end time rising from the abyss by fallen angel technology hence symbolically rising from the abyss of demons (Rev. 9:1-3). It goes off into destruction when Babylon is destroyed fulfilling all the prophecies of her sudden destruction (Jer. 51:8; Rev. 18:8; Jer. 51:30; Rev. 17:16; Jer. 50:39; Rev. 18:21; Jer. 51:63-64; Rev. 18:21).

Adonikam the Beast also symbolically rises from the abyss (Rev. 11:7) because he is the product of DNA manipulation, whether by men under Satanic direction or directly by the Nephilim fallen angels claiming to be DNA manipulating “creators”.

When the capital city of the revived Grecian Roman Empire Babylon is destroyed the Empire survives this “sword wound” but it caused a worldwide depression (Rev. 18:11). Formerly Christian and Free Market Nations Britain and America ally themselves with Adonikam as the Beast with two horns like a lamb, and now these formerly liberty loving free market nations speak like a Dragon advocating statist tyranny under a 666 membership only Quantum computing AI made alive so it can kill all who dare try to disconnect the network. In the Beast’s image likely includes the idea Adonikam is the ghost driving the machine, bionic interface. That this is not an idolatrous statue image is clear by the need for the nations build it (Rev. 13:14), its ubiquitous virtually “god” as it can see and hear everything everywhere via the devices connected to it.

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