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Saved by grace

Saved by grace, not by works illustrated: Drowning people frantically wave for others to save (works), but that does not save them. The lifeboat crew lifting them out of the water and carrying them to shore is what saved them, grace of the rescue crew, and not the work of the drowning. Frantically waving did not “pay” for the ride, it indicated their free will choice to be saved, it indicated their faith the rescuers could save them. It was the good pleasure and will of Rescuers if any are saved.

Those who refused to wave indicated they didn’t want to be saved. So their drowning was because of their works.

God was willing to save them (Col. 1:19-20. 1Jn. 2:2), but they refused to believe in Jesus (John 3:16-19).

As it is impossible anything said or done PAY for eternity in paradise, all are saved by God’s grace. (Eph. 2:8-10; John 3:14-21), but any who refuse the light are condemned, for their works (John 5:28-29. Rev. 20:13-15).

Those predestined unto salvation, who died blind enemies of the gospel of Christ (Rom. 11:28-32), in Hades realize their error and will repent. Who they really are is revealed. What they would have been if the fall never happened, rises to the surface after the dross is burned away (Zech. 13:9). The torments of Hades causes them to confess their real identity as lovers of God. If the fall never happened, they would never rebel. They repent in Hades. Their names are written into the book of life. They will rise to a resurrection of life. The “children of the devil,” those whose free will refuses to live in righteousness with a Holy God, are also revealed by the torments of God’s testing fire. They cannot maintain any hypocritical profession, they will divulge the truth of their being. Their names are not in the book of life.

Therefore, both are judged according to their works (Rev. 20:13-15), but only those who indicate they want it, are saved by grace. All who do not, are condemned for their works. They had equal opportunity to be saved by grace, all they had to do was choose it. That they simply could not do, their free will choice would not permit it. Therefore, they are condemned. God was completely fair and just, impartial. He showed no one any favor above the other. Both had the same “bar to hurdle”, simply show they wanted to be saved.

During “the penalty phase” a filter permits only those not found in the book of life be cast into the Lake of Fire (Rev. 20:15). That “filter” is Creator God’s prerogative. He can show Mercy to whomever He desires (Rom. 9:15-27). Therefore, after the fair impartial judgment determines who are lost, God mercifully limits the destruction only to those not found written in the Lamb’s book of life.

None of them earned salvation, their meager pathetic works couldn’t hope to pay for salvation. But by God’s Grace (undeserved kindness) some are saved, because He is YHWH God. He proved to be what He proved to be, Merciful. It was solely according to His good pleasure and will, any were saved.

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