Ancient Aliens or Angels?

Ancient Aliens or angels? When Abraham regaled “three men” under a tree–eating and drinking, were these “extraterrestrial” Aliens or Angels? 2 So he lifted his

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wing of abominations

Star Wars in Daniel

Star Wars in Daniel His power shall be mighty, but not by his own power; He shall destroy fearfully (Dan. 8:24 NKJ) The coming of

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The Katechon: Who is He?

The Katechon Restrainer: Who is He? One of the most baffling problems in the New Testament and in eschatology is the identity of the “restrainer”

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God’s Plan for the Lost

What is God’s plan for the lost? Everyone has relatives and friends who died without Christ. The vast majority of everyone who ever lived are

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rapture ready news

Rapture Ready News

Rapture Ready News educates making rapture ready. One way of doing this is by contrast, showing Bible examples where believing falsehood about the rapture of

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The 144000 Super Evangelists

The 144000 are first seen in Revelation 7:3-8, they reappear in heavenly Zion in Revelation 14:1 sometime before the rapture of the church in Revelation

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