BIG LIE theory is commonly known as Goebbels’s principle: “If a lie is repeated often enough, eventually people will believe it.” The human mind can focus on only a small bit of information that is 24/7 streamed into the brain by the senses. Everything not critically deliberated upon is unconsciously processed, stereotypes created. For example, I unconsciously accepted smears against political commentator Rush Limbaugh. One day someone asked what I thought of him and much to my astonishment, out came a stream of negatives: “He’s a right wing nut job, a wind bag, doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” I was shocked, I didn’t know who Rush Limbaugh was, so where did all this “opinion” come from? Upon reading what he has to say on various subjects, I totally reversed my unfounded opinion. Rather than uninformed, his knowledge of the political landscape is so thorough his predictions of future events usually come to pass. Empirical evidence he has a mastery of the subject above and beyond any of his peers.

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