Has Cessationist Apologetics failed because of Cognitive Dissonance?

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Fallible Prophecy is a good example. Cessationists see the presence of false prophecy in the church today as proof Modern Prophecy is not a continuation of the first century.

We are shocked when our charismatic brothers and sisters don’t agree.

Unknown to us, its very traumatic to admit one is wrong, its like rejecting everything good one thinks about themself, so most will fight tooth and nail not to do that.

This video explains that. You can begin at Frame 1:09 and not miss anything:

My apologetics once focused on Jehovah Witness, so when the video mentions “the apocalyptic cult” I immediately recalled what happened various times among the JWs from 1914-1918, as they modified their prediction when Armageddon and the end of the world would occur. 

See Christian apologetic sites for all the dates Armageddon was supposed to happen.

Surprisingly few JWs lost faith even as the date for Armageddon repeatedly gets pushed forward.

JWs are a model of Cognitive Dissonance.

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