Mystery Babylon Returns in the End Time: Religious-Political Harlot City

Mystery Babylon
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After the Flood of Noah’s Day, the world’s first Tyrant Nimrod appeared, renowned for bold and daring deeds in opposition to God he built the first cities in the plain of Shinar Mesopotamia. The city of Babylon was the beginning of his kingdom, there he seated the world’s first religious Harlot (Gen. 10:8-10) to rule from the Tower “whose top is in the heavens” in rebellion against God (Gen. 11:1-4).

God scattered the rebels after confusing their language, and each took with them their worship of Fallen Angels, the abominations (946 βδέλυγμα bdelugma; 08251 שִׁקּוּץ shiqquwts ) that became their cult statues.

The plural šiqqûṣîm, ‘abominations’, refers to unspecified deities other than the LORD and their respective cult statues in Deut 29:16; Jer 7:30; 16:18; 32:34; Ezek 5:11; 7:20; 11:21; 20:7, 8, 30; 37:23.-Gruber, M. I. (1999). Abomination. In K. van der Toorn, B. Becking, & P. W. van der Horst (Eds.), Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible (2nd extensively rev. ed., p. 3). Leiden; Boston; Köln; Grand Rapids, MI; Cambridge: Brill; Eerdmans.

That is how the world’s first religious Harlot became the “mother of Harlots and of the abominations of the earth.” She is “great” (3173 μέγας megas) because she spans most of the earth’s history, always existing “below the surface” as it were, incubating more false religion giving birth to new harlots. Much like the woman who deviously hid her leaven in healthy meal (Mat. 13:33) till all was leavened with false teaching (compare Mt. 16:6, 11-12).

She becomes visible again when the world’s false religions unite in the rebuilt city of Babylon the Capital of the New World Order the seven head ten horn Roman-Grecian (Babylonian) Empire Beast that rises from the sea (Rev. 13:1-2), carrying her (Rev. 17:7). This Babylonianish Empire upon which the Harlot sits is also the “eighth king” (Rev. 17:8, 11) “of the seven” that rises in the seven-year End Time “week” (Rev. 11:3, 7 plus Rev. 13:5).

Unlike the horns that have crowns in Rev. 13:1 symbolizing this is the “dominant version” of the “fourth beast” of Daniel (Rev. 17:12-13), the ten horns on the scarlet beast the woman rides (Rev. 17:3) are crownless. She may ride the beast, but she has no control over its ten kings. That is confirmed when she is destroyed by the ten horn-kings (Rev. 17:16) .

Religious Harlots prostitute themselves to civil authority enabling them to rule over their people. For example, the cities of Jerusalem (Jer. 13:27), Nineveh (Nah. 3:1-7), Tyre (Isa. 23:15-16). The Nations Israel (Jdg. 8:27, 33. Hos. 9:1), Judah (Jer. 3:8), Ephraim (Hos. 6:10), and Samaria (Mic. 1:6-7). In every scriptural instance the “Religion” works with political entities (Zech. 5:5-11). Both priests and kings act through each other to deceive the people, prostituting their principles for money and power.

But religious and civil Harlots can suffer destruction independently, and that is what is seen in the book of Revelation. The Religious Harlot Babylon is slain first (Rev. 17:1-18), then Babylon the city (Rev. 18:2-10).

When “Chancellor Adonikam” the “man of sin” “False Christ” morphs into the “Beast Adonikam” “son of destruction” declaring his hybrid human-Satan (Gen. 3:15) nature above all Elohim (2 Thess. 2:3-4) 3.5 years into his rule (Rev. 13:5), the Harlot’s services are no longer required. The ten kings aligned with Adonikam destroy her so completely it manifestly was divine judgment against her (Rev. 17:16-17).

Not long after, Russia, Iran and Turkey from her north so quickly and completely destroy Babylon the city (Jer. 50:1-3, 13, 39-46; 51:1-48) it is likely it suffers nuclear destruction, never to be inhabited again like Sodom and Gomorrah (Isa. 13:19-21; 50:23, 39-40; 51:37). The destruction so complete and swift its likened to the Day of the LORD when the God’s Heavenly Army rains down destruction upon the Beast at Armageddon (Isa. 13:6). But these come from “a far country” (Isa. 13:5), therefore the “mighty ones…sanctified ones” (Isa. 13:3) are not angels.

To recap, the original Harlot Babylon born in Nimrod’s rebellion against God rises into view carried by the rebuilt city of Babylon. Symbolically she rides the “eighth kingdom” or “seven head ten horn Grecian Roman Empire” that rose from the sea of spiritism (compare Dan. 7:2-3; Rev. 13:1); or if seen from a different perspective, ascended from the abyss of demons (Rev. 9:1-11; 17:8). Twice the symbolism points to demons, to emphasize Babylon and its “wonderous Tower” will be rebuilt using Fallen Angel technology, demonic technology. Energized by Satan (2 Thess. 2:9 compare Wing of Abominations Dan. 9:27). Babylon is the satanic antithesis of heavenly “New Jerusalem” built by the Elect angels of God (Rev. 21:2).

Satanic energy (1753 ἐνέργεια energeia) inspiring great signs and wonders (2 Thess. 2:9) in Babylon cause the earth to marvel so greatly they worship the Dragon Commander of the “Elohim” and his seed (Gen. 3:15) the Son of Destruction (2 Thess. 2:3-4; Dan. 9:27) Adonikam the Beast (Rev. 9:1-3; 13:3-4; 17:8, 11, 18).

The Harlot’s spiritism poisons the waters (“nations” Rev. 17:1, 5) with the same “wine of fornication” with demons. The drink makes men insensible to God’s truth, inwardly working to induce believe in the strong delusion (2Th. 2:7-12) of “scientific atheism” and its Nimrod like Antichrist Adonikam the Beast. Confirming the wine is a reference to spiritism the “mystery of lawlessness”: The wine causes derangement (Jer. 51:6) and is poured from her golden cup full of “abominations” (Rev. 17:4). Spiritual experiences caused by idols (the demons working through them 1 Cor. 10:19-20) subverting clear thinking (1Cor. 12:2-3. 2Cor. 6:15-16. Deut. 29:17. 1 Kgs. 21:26. 2 Kgs. 21:11; 23:24. 2 Chr. 15:8. Isa. 66:3, 17. Jer. 16:18. Ezek. 6:9; 8:10; 14:6; 16:36; 18:12; 20:7, 8. 1 Pet. 4:3. Rev. 21:8).

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